Thursday, July 14, 2005

Where there is trust, productivity is soon to follow.

Not a coincidence. The greater the trust, the better the cooperation, the better the business. If nothing more, one less thing about which to worry.


From David Pogue's weekly e-mail Circuits bulletin for the New York Times:

* July 1. Everyone rides bikes in Copenhagen. Even more
incredibly, nobody locks them -- because, evidently, nobody
steals them. Similarly, a sign on the door of one public
bathroom stated that there was a 20-crown charge to use it.
Sure enough, every visitor dutifully paid -- by dropping
money into a big bowl that sat, unattended, on a table. How
can such a society of trust still exist in this day and age?


The Economist: Denmark has the best business climate in the world

Business conditions:
Now and for the next five years, Denmark will be able to boast the best business climate in the world according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the business intelligence institute of the Economist Group.

The respected institute writes that in the coming years Denmark will be the best place in the world to do business. EIU places Denmark at the absolute top of the list of countries offering attractive business opportunities.

In the latest analysis, the EIU places Denmark in top place for the first time, moving up from sixth place since the last listing in 2000. Denmark is now ahead of other attractive countries such as Canada (number one in 2000), USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands (the best EU country in 2000) and Finland.

The Economist predicts that from now until 2009 no other EU country will do better than Denmark in terms of government policy, macroeconomic stability, infrastructure and funding opportunities, and accommodating companies that wish to invest in the country.

The "Danish model"
Among other things, liberalisation and labour market reforms have made Denmark an attractive country for businesses. In the analysis, the Danish workforce ranks highly for its flexibility and high level of education. Moreover, the simplification of the tax laws and the pending municipal restructuring are referred to positively.

According to the EIU, Denmark is also a leader in information technology, making it easier to establish knowledge and research centres. Developments within biotechnology and food science are cited as examples.

About the business environment rankings
The Economist Intelligence Unit’s global business rankings model is applied to the world’s 60 largest countries, which account for more than 95% of global output, trade and FDI. It measures the quality or attractiveness, adjusted for country size, of the business environment and its key components. The model considers 70 factors, across 10 categories important to business life.

Denmark leads the field or shares first place in no less than six out of the ten categories:

Political- and institutional environment, macroeconomic stability, approach to entrepreneurs, foreign investment, funding and infrastructure. The EIU also takes into account Denmark’s unwillingness to compromise its welfare system in consequence of lowering taxes.

Rankings by country


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