Saturday, August 20, 2005

noise as filter

ever notice that commercials often play at higher volume than the TV shows? you end up having to turn up the volume to hear the TV program, then when the comercial comes on it plays really loud. another way that commercials are trying everything they can to get your attention.


Blogger X said...

Sound volume is usually measured in decibels, but perceptions of loudness depend on other factors. If a segment of sound has a wide dynamic range -- moving from quiet passages to more intense sections, and using a wide array of frequencies -- it will seem softer overall than a passage with limited dynamic range, even though both may have the same volume levels. Any recording can be "compressed" to limit its dynamic range and change perceptions of volume.

Compression is exploited frequently for effect in popular music, and few listeners complain. But when the same techniques are used to make TV advertisements stand out from the programs, viewers become incensed.

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