Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what word describes the feeling of being envied?

Was interesting to hear a pitch onluxury furniture online catalog company. She says selling to wealthy is all about selling the exclusivity experience. It’s the same old furniture but how you shape the experience. Large premium on having what others can’t get.

Someone recently bought an Aston Martin. His favorite part of the car is that the parts have “made for John Doe” written on them. That is a low-cost, high-value way to sell the exclusivity experience. Nice margins.

What would be a good neologism for the counterparty of envy? It’s what the envied pursue. They want to have something others can’t have and thus will envy. What do you call the pursuit of something for the purpose of making others envious?

What word describes the feeling when one has something and someone else doesn’t have it? (whereas envy describes the feeling when someone else has something – be it a car, girlfriend, skill, feature --- and one doesn’t).

Once you define the word, you are ready to start a luxury-goods consumer franchise.


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